How to add more followers to your twitter account?

Here some advices about how to attract more followers to your twitter account:



1. Select the right channel in the right order for the level of engagement that makes sense for you and is something you can sustain.

2. Come up with a plan for regular engagement and decide that up front — will it be daily, weekly, monthly? — and stick to the plan!

3. Determine the themes/issues you will address to establish yourself as an expert source.

4. Be careful about what you are at liberty to say, follow corporate social media policy and public company disclosure guidelines (when in doubt, don’t share).

5. Measure the ROI — quality of followers; meaningful commentary and reaction to content provided; and overall improvement in visibility.

6. Follow everyone who follows you.

7. Search for tweets with keywords related to your topics of interest.

8. Use hashtags #

9. Put up “Follow me on Twitter” links on your blog, e-mail, other social networking outlets, and across the web.

10. Repeat your most popular tweets.


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